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Notícias - 23 Set, 2023

MA Beach Film Festival: know who’s part of the international jury

Anne Cascaes - Journalist and copywriter

The first edition of MA Beach Film Festival is almost here, and the stage is already set to welcome an illustrious group of jurors who will model the way to this grand cinematographic event. Organized by Yabá Filmes, directed by Milena Carvalho, the festival became a beacon of cultural enrichment, highlighting the convergence of art, tourism and culture throughout the picturesque Western Coast of Maranhão.

Focusing on the creative economy of the region, specially at “Polo Floresta dos Guarás”, the festival was created with the goal of harnessing the cinematographic potential of our very special coastal refugee of Maranhão. Based in Cururupu (MA), historical city of the Brazilian Atlantic coast, the MA Beach Film Festival, since its first edition, will promote collaborative alliances with festivals in Colombia and Portugal. These partnerships will not only bring films to the stage, but will also facilitate the realization of enriching panels which will support the growth of this cultural sector in the host city.

This edition of the event is prepared to explore the thematic domains of Memory and Identity. With a treasure of stories embedded in the native people, the festival invites story tellers to come together and share their stories, offering an intimate and enriching exchange of cultural perspectives.

With its opening being on Monday, October 9th, the international competition of MA Beach Film Festival is graced with a prominent jury, with members that represent a true enlightening in their respective areas of expertise.

Meet the jurors who will perform a fundamental role in the cinematographic trajectory of the festival:

Adriana Martínez Barrón 


Pioneer in cinematic revelation, the trajectory of Adriana Martínez Barrón is marked with innovative initiatives. With a distinct career as vice-president of development of dramatic shows at the American television network CBS, Adriana supervised the creation of shows which profoundly resonated with people worldwide, including “Fire Country” and “East New York”.

Her collaboration with UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, producing company from Eva Longoria as vice-president of film development, resulted on the notable film “Let’s Get Married”, a moving narrative which connects audiences from various cultural backgrounds, where she worked as executive producer. The film, starring Mishel Prada, Xosha Roquemore, and Tahj Mowry, was produced by ViacomCBS and VH1. Previously, Adriana was manager of Latin-American series development at Netflix, where she supervised countless series from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, releasing more than 10 shows, including “Madre Sólo Hay Dos”, a feminine drama comedy starring Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto seen by over 23 million users worldwide; “Guerra de Vizinhos”, the family comedy starring Ana Layevska and Mark Tacher, and the second and third seasons of “Luis Miguel”, the biographical series about the reggaeton artist “Nicky Jam: El Ganador”.


At the same time, also worked as Manager of Development of Acquisition of Content for Latin America, supervising every creative aspect of more than 15 films from Mexico, Argentina and Spain released during her time at the company, including the action film “Xtreme” starring Oscar Haenada; the Spanish romantic comedy “Loco por Ella” starring Álvaro Cervantes and Susana Abaitua; the musical “Como Caído Del Cielo” starring Omar Chaparro; the Argentine noir thriller “La Corazonada”, and more.

“It’s a great honor to collaborate with our Brazilian brothers and be able to share a part of cultural exchange through the transforming power of cinema”, says Adriana.

Mireia Vilanova.jpeg

Mireia Vilanova 


Born in the vibrant city of Barcelona and currently spreading her magic through the busy landscape of Los Angeles, the producer Mireia Vilanova incarnates the dynamic spirit of international cinema. Her role at the animation boutique studio Cartuna highlights her skill in international development and co-producing, with a special focus in Latin America and Europe. At Cartuna produced project for networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and more.

When venturing into the world of feature films with “I Live Here Now”, Mireia’s journey is marked with compliments and an insatiable thirst for cinematographic excellence. She is also a member of the BAFTA Program of New Talents from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and a former student of the Film Independent Project Involve program. Her creative efforts graced prestigious festivals in the United States, including Tribeca, Santa Bárbara, Palm Springs and Outfest, while receiving Oscar nominations, leaving an indelible mark on audiences around the world.

“Cinema is the most effective way to connect cultures from around the world, create bridges between communities and display experiences that are new to us. Having dedicated a large part of my career to international co-productions, its an honor being able to participate in a festival with global vocation. I’m looking forward to discovering new talents from all over the world and being able to take their art closer to the coastal community of Maranhão”, reinforces Mireia.


Liliana de Castro 


Coming from a background that spans continents, Liliana De Castro is, in addition to being an actress, a STEM education communicator. With roots that intertwine Brazilian and Argentine origins, her career has covered more than eight countries on three continents. Having called the United States home for the past decade, Liliana's quest for knowledge is insatiable.


Armed with a degree in Dramatic Arts, extensive studies in Sociology and proficiency in various emotional and physical techniques, Liliana's fascination with the essence of humanity is incessant. Liliana is known for her roles on Brazilian television and cinema, as Luna in “Alma Gêmea” and Filomena in “Ribeirão do Tempo”, among others. She also appears in the film "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation", nominated as an Oscar candidate representing Brazil.

Her most recent work on television was on the International Emmy-nominated series, “PSI”, on HBO, and she is currently producing a Chilean work with Argentine and Brazilian actresses that will debut in 2024 in the United States.

"I am very happy to be once again in contact with Brazil, a place that I consider part of me and where I worked for many years of my life. This connection brings me joy, as it serves as a bridge that reconnects with the rich and necessary cultural essence of Brazil”, reflects Liliana.

Sofía Rovaletti.jpg

Sofia Rovaletti


Uma estrela em ascensão na área do desenvolvimento, a paixão de Sofia Rovaletti pela criação de narrativas movidas pela emoção é palpável. Natural da Argentina, suas origens, juntamente com sua vasta experiência em diversas facetas da indústria cinematográfica, conferiram-lhe um ponto de vista único. Atualmente, como Diretora de Desenvolvimento da produtora e gestão MoJo Global Arts, colabora com renomados talentos internacionais como Guillermo Arriaga, Ariel Winograd, Robert Engels e Sebastian del Amo, entre outros. Tendo navegado nos departamentos de produção de filmes de renome, incluindo 'Zama' e 'Operation Finale', a compreensão inata de Sofia sobre a narrativa só é igualada pelo seu compromisso em promover ligações significativas através do cinema.

A rising star in development, Sofia Rovaletti's passion for creating emotionally driven narratives is palpable. Born in Argentina, her origins, along with her vast experience in different facets of the film industry, have given her a unique point of view. Currently, as Development Director of the production and management company MoJo Global Arts, she collaborates with renowned international talents such as Guillermo Arriaga, Ariel Winograd, Robert Engels and Sebastian del Amo, among others. Having navigated the production departments of renowned films including 'Zama' and 'Operation Finale', Sofia's innate understanding of storytelling is only matched by her commitment to fostering meaningful connections through film.

"Latin America is far from a homogeneous community... I am particularly grateful to the National University of the Arts of Argentina because its program focuses on representation within Latin cinema, highlighting the importance of diversity. The conversation about diversity has always been on my mind, and I constantly bring it to the table in the United States due to the lack of awareness among entertainment executives about these cultural issues. This festival’s encouragement of personal storytelling resonates deeply with me. The residents of Maranhão offer unique perspectives that differ from those represented by filmmakers from big cities like São Paulo or Brasília, or even other countries. I'm excited about the opportunity to help showcase all of these different types of films in international competitions and encourage Maranhão’s people to find their own voices. And I'm also excited to meet new international talents!”, shares Sofia.

Arly Arnaud.jpg

Arly Arnaud 


Arly had her first experience in the world of cinema in 1978 with "Joana Angélica", a feature film directed by Walter Lima Junior for TV Globo. From that moment on, her career took off and she became a striking presence on cinema screens across Brazil. "Esses Moços" (2002) put her on the map of national cinema, and her impressive performance made her a prospect that would soon become a rising star. In 2005, Arly shone again with "Eu Me Remember", directed by Edgard Navarro, in Salvador, BA. The film earned her the coveted Candango Trophy for Best Actress at the Brasília Film Festival.

Her deeply emotional performance captivated audiences and critics, solidifying her reputation as one of the most talented actresses of her generation. In 2015, Arly was honored to be part of the cast of "Aquarius", directed by Kléber Mendonça Filho, a film that not only was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival, but also marked an iconic moment in the actress' career. Acting alongside Sonia Braga, Arly delivered a memorable performance. In "No Fim de Tudo" (2016), directed by Victor Cirico, from Natal, RN, Arly once again showed her versatility as an actress. Her performance as the film's protagonist led her to win the Best Actress Award at the 11th Triunfo Film Festival, PE, in 2018, and also at the Curta Caicó Audiovisual Festival, RN, in the same year. She continued to impress with her role and won the Best Actress Award at the Comunicurtas Audiovisual Festival in 2017.

Arly's career also included experiences in landmark productions, such as "O Espeto" (2006), directed by Guilherme Marback and Sara Silveira, and "Canção de Baal" (2006), directed by Helena Ignez, both in São Paulo. In these productions, she demonstrated her versatility and ability to act in different contexts and cinematographic styles. Furthermore, Arly was part of the cast of "Quitéria" (2018), directed by Tiago Neves and Antônio Fargoni, in Cabaceiras, PB, and "Incurssão" (2018), directed by Silvio Toledo, in Remígio, PB. These regional films also contributed to her growing reputation as an actress.

"Participating in a film festival is always an exciting and enriching experience. It is an opportunity to dive into the world of the seventh art, to feel the energy of fellow filmmakers and to share stories that resonate on the screen. This festival is not only a stage to show films; It is a space where knowledge exchange flourishes. It is a unique opportunity to meet filmmakers from different parts of the world, each bringing their unique perspective and passion for the art of cinema. Behind-the-scenes discussions, informal meetings and conversations with professional colleagues are often as valuable as projections on the big screen. These interactions enrich us, expand our horizons and make us grow as artists”, points out Arly.


The judges are ready to imbue the event with their ideas, kicking off a celebration of cinematic diversity, heritage and innovation. The journey of each of them will collaborate to mark the first edition of the festival and further echo the power of the cinematographic universe.

From the West Coast of Maranhão to the world stage, the impact of the MA Beach Film Festival will resonate far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of global cinema.

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