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Discover the new Maranhão International Film Festival!

Cururupu - MA
09/10/23 - 15/10/23
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The festival

Yabá Filmes created the International Film Festival on the Western Coast of Maranhão, with the perspective of contributing to the promotion and enjoyment of the cultural, artistic, and tourist sectors of the region. The festival focuses on the creative economy of the area and on the "Polo Floresta dos Guarás," considering the potential cinematographic scenario of this region on the coast of the State of Maranhão. Beginning in Cururupu-MA, a portal of stoneworks on the Brazilian Atlantic coast, in its 1st edition, it forms alliances with festivals in Colombia and Portugal, bringing films and panels that contribute to the development of the sector in the host city.


In this festival edition we are going to talk about Memory and Identity. We have a lot of history to share, especially from our traditional villages. Come tell yours and get to know ours up close!


Cururupu is one of the gateways to the Selva de Guarás or Maranhenses Reentrances on the western coast of Maranhão. It is a scenery of natural beauties such as islands, beaches, bays, and mangroves, and serves as a backdrop for artistic and cultural manifestations such as "bumba meu boi costa de mão" and criollo tambourine, as well as a rich gastronomy with an emphasis on fish and shrimp. The city also preserves stories and legends such as the enchanted bull of Lençóis Island and the mulatta's pequi, which leave a lasting impression on the memory of Cururupu's residents and will undoubtedly leave a mark on yours as well.


Two of our exhibits were designed exclusively for Cururupu residents, connoisseurs, and culture makers, who will narrate their stories in movies through the eyes of those currently living in the city, thus preserving the memory of their past.


  • Cururupu Pier

  • Fishermen's colony

  • Parish hall

  • IEMA Auditorium

  • Farmers and Rural Farmers Union

  • Family Square

  • Dô Carvalho Square


camurça verde

Honorary Guest 

Tio Clems

Clementino Junior is a filmmaker, audiovisual and environmental educator, doctor and teacher in education, researcher at GEASur and founder of CAN - Cineclube Atlântico Negro and CineGEASur, film clubs focused on black leadership and authorship and environmental and human rights struggles. He made 29 films, two feature-length documentaries and 27 short films of different genres and languages.

Submit your film!

Submitions closed

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Sociocultural Activities

Educational and cultural awareness activities are currently being carried out alongside the citizens of Cururupu. The film club sessions, workshops, and audiovisual workshops are expected to yield results in the form of short films, which will be screened in two of the four Competitive Section. Additionally, there will be a Spanish contest involving IEMA students, totaling a little more than 480 young people, with the aim of encouraging the study of the language.


Various other cultural activities are also in development and will be presented at the opening ceremony. One of these activities is a contest to value local artisans, where the winner will have the honor of crafting the Festival trophies. It's important to mention that all training and awareness activities, as well as film screenings and panels during the Festival, will be free to the public.


Trophy Contest


Young Spanish speaker


Choreographing Soundtrack

Programa-espanhol 2.png

Local artisans and craftswomen will be encouraged to create a personalized figure that represents the fishermen of Maranhão from a regional perspective. From our Maranhão to the world!


The winner of the Contest will hold a workshop for the other artisans, where together they will elaborate the trophies that will be delivered to the winners of the Competitive Sections, the Honorary Guest and the winners of the other MA Beach Film Festival contests.

It will be held for students from IEMA - Full Unit of Cururupu, Confiar School and Gervásio Protásio dos Santos Teaching Center. Students will have the opportunity to watch, study and analyze films with dialogue and subtitles in Spanish to produce text and video content in Spanish. The objective of the MA BEACH FILM FESTIVAL is to contribute to the school by encouraging the kids to study the language. Our youth is ready to take off. And we to blow strong wind.


Soon we will announce the films selected for the pedagogical program.

Songs that marked cinema in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s will rock the film soundtrack choreography contest during the festival. The contest will have the participation of three groups of dancers from the popular culture of Cururupu. 

At this rate we're going to relive the disco days on closing day.

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Festival Categories

The Festival intends to contribute to the development of public education and film production on the Maranhão coast, aiming to the decentralization of this important cultural product. In this sense, the Competitive Sections will be a great attraction for the public in question, and to capture international gazes.

Competitive Sections

Beach Film

Brazilian and international short films.

Star Beach

Brazilian and international feature films.

Non-Competition Sections


Showcase with Portuguese-language films produced by the Independent Producer Filmographer and the Cineclube de Avanca.


The honoree of the year is the filmmaker Clementino Júnior, who brings three blocks of films with the themes: Ancestry, Views of the city and Environment.


Cururupuense video-minute.

Latin American

A Sample of the Colombian Amazon Film Festival, with Amazonian films produced by the Festival itself.

Salt Dunes

Regional short films.

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An exhibition of films made by Festival participants, including curators, panelists, and judges.

Special Sections

Anima Beach Section

A animated film will be screened outdoors, at Praça da Família (Damily Square), followed by a talk with distribution of popcorn and juice during the session.

Lamp Section

In the 1970s, cinema was part of everyday life in Cururupu. In addition to the Cine Cururupu, the city's street cinema, there were regular screenings in the Parish Hall. Comedy, drama, action, musicals, and bang-bang movies were shown in the theaters. Notable films such as “Meu Pobre Coracao de Luto” starring Teixeirinha and Mary Terezinha, and “Thank God it’s Friday”, starring Donna Summer, filled the slots. The neighbors also have vivid memories of films starring Grande Otelo, Oscarito and many others, which were screened between the Cururupu Cinema and the weekly shows that were held in the Parish Hall. People distributed the schedule on handmade posters scattered around the corners of the city, and they looked forward to the days of screenings in both venues, to go see these films, and build the memories they keep to this day.


The Lamp Section will take place in the Parish Hall, open to the public and will include special guests who inspired this section.

Dream Boat Section

A selection of experimental films will be screened on a boat on the Cururupu River, in a night that promises to be unforgettable.